Dr Joseph Maroon Interviewed by Pittsburgh Post Gazette on NFL Concussion Surveillance

Dr Maroon SidelinesSeptember 23, 2015,  Pittsburgh Post Gazette reporter J. Brady McCollough article entitled, Eye in the Sky’ trainers monitor NFL players from high above actiondiscusses the new NFL concussion policy to require gameday observers to be placed in sky boxes to report on concussions that might not be seen by the sideline medical staff .  This concept was trialed last year and is now is part of NFL safety and health policy for the players.  As a trained medical profession, the observer can call a medical “time out” and require a player to be removed, at least for one play, so they can be evaluated by sideline medical personnel.  As the Steelers team neurosurgeon Dr Maroon welcomes the idea. READ ARTICLE HERE

As the concussion issue became more prevalent in the public eye, team doctors began to be heard more easily. Dr. Yates, who served as president of the NFL Physicians Society, got to sit on the NFL’s competition committee. He believes good developments have happened with the help of about 225 rule changes geared toward lessening impacts to the head, and the numbers back him up.