Lifestyle, Diet and Supplement Changes can Help your Brain Capacity

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These lifestyle, diet and supplement changes can help your brain to function at its greatest capacity.

The brain is often called the last frontier of medical discovery. Over the last decade, however, research into brain function has rapidly evolved, and the belief that our reaction time, complex reasoning and memory must deteriorate as a natural result of aging is now being questioned. Recent studies have shown that numerous factors we control can actually prevent the loss of brainpower.

The fact is, neurons in the brain don’t have an expiration date, and even have the potential to remain healthy for a life- time. One of the ways we know this is from a recent study of a group of 80-year-olds referred to as “super agers.” Results of their memory tests were the same as those of 30-year-olds. Brain MRIs showed their brain size to be significantly larger than other 80-year-olds. Based on this study and others showing that brain function can be preserved as we age, researchers are now investigating the keys to preserving and even improving mental focus for decades longer than we ever hoped.

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