How can we Build and Support our Immune Health?

September 2020. Dr Joseph Maroon contributes quarterly to Pittsburgh 55+ Magazine.  In his most recent article, How can we Build and Support our Immune Health? , Dr Maroon discusses the importance of our immune system for disease prevention and also recovery. In this article he introduces the concept of the Mind-Body connection, and its importance for disease prevention.  Here is a quote from the article:

So, if we are chronically depressed, or stressed, these emotions stimulate a structure in our brain called the ‘amygdala’ (meaning ‘almond-like’). The amygdala through its various connections interact with our immune system (mind-body connection) where our immune system’s natural killer T- cells are produced. Killer T-cells find and destroy infected cells that have been turned into virus-making factories. Our immune system ideally functions to fight infection and keep excessive inflammation under control. Its function can become altered, however, by conditions like depression, chronic stress, and chronic pain. This mind-body connection can suppress our immune system, suppress our ability to fight off infection and possibly make us more susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases – like heart and vascular disease.

Please read the entire article to learn more about the importance of a healthy mind and healthy body.  HERE, then go to page 10.