Dr Maroon and Chuck Noll Foundation Featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

Nov 12, 2021 – The Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 Hall of Honor weekend annual dinner and induction ceremony included recognition with the former Steelers coach, Chuck Noll and brain-injury research foundation named in his honor. In an article by reporter Gerry Dulac, entitled, Remembering an underrated aspect of Chuck Noll’s legacy, discusses the history of how Dr.  Joseph Maroon and Chuck Noll disagreed about holding a player out of the game for a concussion.

And all because Chuck Noll, who had a fascination with medicine and science, wanted to know why former quarterback Bubby Brister had to sit out two weeks when he looked fine a week after sustaining a concussion back in 1990. Noll asked Dr. Joe Maroon, the team’s neurosurgeon, if the NFL’s concussion protocol guidelines at the time were based on sufficient scientific data. (Image – Jon Kolb who was inducted into the Ring of Honor)

Later in the article, Dr. Maroon and others were asked to discuss the formation of the Foundation and what it has accomplished.

With the initial donation from the Steelers and 14 other grants, the foundation has turned the $1.7 million into an additional $10 million in grants used to fund projects at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State and West Virginia, among others. The grants are awarded to advance research related to the diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries that occur mainly from sports activities.

Learn more about the Chuck Noll Foundation and the research it supports – HERE

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