Dr Maroon Participates in Red Bull Sports Performance Conference

from-surviving-to-thriving-sept-15-2016-finalSeptember 15, 2016  In addition to being a world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr Joseph Maroon is also a ranked Ironman triathlete who recently took first place at the 70.5 Muncie, IN Ironman.  Dr. Maroon presented today on his experiences as both a neurosurgeon and triathlete at the first inaugural sports performance workshop hosted by Red Bull beverage company. The workshop entitled, Thriving Under Adversity, is part of Red Bulls efforts to bring together leaders in sport science, medicine and elite athletes that are involve in extreme endurance and maximum performance.   Those sports professionals in attendance, included physicians, scientists, athletes, sport psychologists and psychologists.

Dr Maroon was asked to presented on  his unique ability to both train and compete at a high level as a triathlete and still balance his neurosurgical profession. Dr. Maroon discussed the underlying physiologic changes with stress and adversity and how the human body and brain can adjust and build rather than break down over time when under stress.

“It is our adaptability that can allow us to survive and thrive under stress”, states Dr Maroon, “but it is important to not enter the red zone and push too far”.

The workshop was held at Red Bull headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.   The stated goals of the conference were to develop tools and training to prepare for adversity, identify new areas of research and technologies and despite both excessive physical and emotional stress one can not only survive but also thrive.