NFL Players Comment on Concussion Protocol

Drs Miele and Maroon Oct 2015December 19, 2015 Tribune Review reporter Chris Adamski published a provocative article entitled, Steelers players say protocols protect them from themselves. In his article, several Steeler players are interviewed and discuss their support for the new NFL concussion protocol and the Steelers medical team. The article also discusses how difficult it is for players to fully internalize the seriousness of concussion in such a competitive sport.

“I thought they did a good job with me,” Jones [Landry] said of the Steelers’ medical staff, which includes head trainer John Norwig and physicians Dr. Joseph Maroon, Dr. James Bradley and Dr. Tony Yates. “They explained to me, ‘You’ve got a concussion; this is what kind of concussion you had. Whenever you don’t have any more symptoms and whenever you pass the baseline test, you’re good to go.’ So to me, it was fairly simple when I went through it