Dr Joseph Maroon Interviewed on Health Benefits of Turmeric

Natural AntiinflammatoryJune 2, 2015 –  Dr Joseph Maroon was recently interviewed by reporter David Templeton of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which appeared today in the article entitled, Research points to health benefits of turmeric. Dr Maroon has been an advocate of natural products for many years and has a particular interest in the health benefits of turmeric.  Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a plant whose root-like stem is used to produce curcumin a naturally occurring yellow pigment.   Curcumin has been used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent to make yellow dyes, as a common food spice and for its many health benefits. 

Joseph Maroon, the noted UPMC neurosurgeon, says he uses curcumin supplements as part of his health regimen as an ultra-marathon runner. He also recommends the use of curcumin and fish oil to his patients with pain and inflammation from degenerative conditions of the spine, neck and lower back. He said 17,000 Americans die each year from over-the-counter, nonsteroidal pain medications.

In the article Dr Maroon points out his article, Natural anti-inflammatory agents for pain relief, published in 2010 by Surgical Neurology International, where he highlighted the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric.

Dr. Maroon said his patients “would much rather have a natural approach to reducing inflammation and pain than a prescription of nonsteroidal pain killers and their potential risks. There is no question about the benefits. I take it every day and use curry in my cooking, although I tolerate capsules better than the curry.”

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