Clinical Quality Program

quality FocusAs physicians on the frontlines of medicine we recognize quality of care is important  for both those who use healthcare and those that pay for it.  As such quality improvements are now standard practice for most medical practices across the country.  UPMC has a series of quality measures in place including surgical infection rates, length of hospital stay, duration of surgical procedures and others to determine how physicians rank within their peer groups when it comes to quality measures.  See the most recent “report card” HERE

In addition 2012 data was collected with an expanded list of quality measures including use of antibiotics before surgery, duration of surgery and surgical infection rates.  See Table of Results Here.

These facts and figures can help to provide important information on a medical or surgical practice but can not tell the whole story.  Every physician and patient interaction is unique and qualities beyond these raw numbers are also important.  We encourage every patient to learn as much as you can from our website, your PCP, friends and family about our physicians before your office visit or have surgery.  Please ask the questions you need to be satisfied about your care to our staff and physicians anytime during your appointment or by phone.  Our focus on quality of care is not new and has been the cornerstone of Tri-State Neurosurgical Associates for over 30 years.


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