Dr Maroon Featured in Article on Healthy Routines

Joseph Maroon MD Healthy AMJanuary 3, 2015 – The TribLIVE website featured Dr Joseph Maroon and several others in the Pittsburgh area who revealed their healthy morning secrets in the article, Get up, get going: Morning routines keep highly effective people on track. The author Rachel Weaver notes, “Whether launching into work before the crack of dawn or cramming in a workout in the wee hours of the morning, these motivated movers and shakers use their a.m. routines to set the pace for the rest of their days.”

Dr. Maroon rises early, usually at 4:30 am, to get his day started.  Below describes a typical breakfast.

6-6:30 a.m.: Breakfast is usually steel-cut oatmeal, blueberries, banana, chia seeds and flax, and green tea (Sencha) with a hard-boiled organic egg, plus CoQ10, resveratrol, fish oil, K2, L-carnitine, alpha lipoid acid, curcumin, and acetyl cysteine for mitochondrial support.