Dr. Joseph Maroon and NFL Running Back James Conner Share Common Award

Dec 3, 2023  Following the Steelers vs. Cardinals game on Dec 3, 2023, Dr. Joseph Maroon, Team Neurosurgical Advisor, and former Steeler, now Cardinals running back James Conner, met after the game to exchange greetings.  Both Dr. Maroon and James Conner share a similar past with both being recipients of the Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation Award.

In 2018, Dr. Maroon was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award along with Pittsburgh Steeler, Ryan Shazier, who was honored with the Most Courageous Man of the Year award for his inspiration to others following his spinal cord injury he suffered while playing football. In the previous year, 2017, James Conner received the same Courage Award at the Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation for having been  diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 2015, while at college at the University of Pittsburgh, and had successfully fought the disease and returned to play professional football. Conner was also honored for his community outreach and efforts to educate others on this terrible disease.

The Jerome Bettis The Bus Stops Here Foundation was founded in 1997. Its mission is to provide underprivileged, inner city kids with opportunities that will enable them to be successful and contributing citizens to society. It provides schooling in computer sciences, clothing, toys and even bowling lessons which Jerome begrudgingly acknowledges was his first choice over football! It also provides help for asthmatic children through its Life Without Limits Program.