Calming the Brain NEW Video Presentation by Dr. Joseph Maroon

Dr. Joseph Maroon is a neurosurgeon who has dedicated his career to advancing the science of brain health, including the treatment of disease and injury to the brain.  In this presentation Dr. Maroon discusses the latest science and technologies that may provide unique treatments for mental illness.

Learn about the science of brain imaging that can now show structural changes that can occur with certain mental health illnesses.  He will explain how the brain is an electrochemical organ and using non-invasive techniques, such as, treatments using magnetic and electric currents and even light can improve mood and emotion for many who suffer mental illness.

Take a journey through the brain as Dr. Maroon reveals a world that many people have thought a mystery until now.  Explore – Calming the Brain – with Dr. Maroon.

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Pre-Production Supervisor: Lindsey Aranson
Director of Photography: Ken Stewart
Camera Operator: Alejandro Jimenez
Sound Recordist: Genna Edwards
Production Intern: Zoe Fuller
Editors: Lindsey Aranson and Genna Edwards