Are You a Superager? Listen to Dr Maroon Explain in New Podcast

What is a Superager? A superager, or super-ager, is thought by many to be person who is at least 80 and retains the memory skills and capacity of someone much younger. This population falls well outside the “normal” memory skill range for people their age. In Dr. Maroon’s recent Podcast interview by AGEIST, Dr. Maroon reviews how his lifestyle has changed over the decades and how he strives to maintain, even improve, his mental function as he ages.

AGEIST is a popular Podcast that  interviews numerous older adult influencers to discuss their templates or advice in order to shine a light on a new mindset and way of living. AGEIST wants to show a new approach to health, personal goal setting, relationships, style, and culture. We want to provide a new outlook on what people young and old should expect to achieve and experience in their life.


Quotes from Dr. Maroon:

Adversity either kills us or it makes us stronger. What we ingest, we become to some extent. In terms of brain preservation, hundreds of studies now show that long term aerobic activity is the best booster. Sleep is absolutely critical to preserving brain function. I don’t know what works. All I know is that I’m still here at work having fun.”

“I’ll leave you with the three most important things in life. Number 1: mental and physical health. Without that, forget it. Number 2: relationships with God, family, friends and colleagues. Number 3: carpe diem. If tomorrow I pick up the paper and I see my name in the obituary, I will have run the good race, fought the good fight, and kept the faith.”