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Listen to Dr. Maroon’s Podcast on Gratitude

October 20, 2021  Podcaster, Matt Moran, recently interviewed Dr. Joseph Maroon about his life story and experiences as capture in Dr. Maroon’s book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life. Matt is a cancer survivor who, “experienced the blessing of Cancer, and found the joys this disease can bring.” This may not be a common […]

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Remembering Dr Freddie Fu

Dr. Freddie H. Fu, a long-time colleague and friend of Dr. Joseph Maroon, recently died on September  24. 2021.  Dr. Fu was a Pittsburgh legend for his many sports medicine related accomplishments, including the creator of UPMC’s world-renowned sports medicine program.  Dr. Fu was also the long-time chairman of the University of Pittsburgh School of […]

Unanswered Questions with Newly Approved Alzheimer’s Drug

September 2021 – In the Fall Issue of the the St Barnabas Health System’s Faith & Works Magazine, Dr. Joseph Maroon discusses the latest FDA-approved medication for Alzheimer’s disease. The drug, Aducanumab. is the first new Alzheimer’s drug in 18 years and was granted accelerated approval by the FDA in June, 2021.  This drug is […]

Participating in Sports and Exercise at any Age

August 2021 – In my recent book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, I discuss the numerous benefits of exercise.  Particularly I focus on the mental/emotional and health benefits that exercising regularly can provide.  For me exercise helped to bring me out of a deep depression, improved my focus to resume neurosurgery, […]

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Dr. Joseph Maroon Places First in Florida Triathlon

Dr. Joseph Maroon, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at UPMC, recently participated in the International Olympic Distance Triathlon in Clermont, Florida. Over 550 participants were registered. Dr. Maroon finished first in his age group with a time of just over 3 hours. Because most triathlons were cancelled this past year due to the pandemic, this was […]

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Preventing and Managing Concussion – Why it is Still Important

Summer 2021 In the most recent Pittsburgh 55+ Magazine issue, Dr. Joseph Maroon discusses the importance concussion in an article entitled,  Preventing and Managing Concussion – Why it is Still Important (page 8). A concussion refers to a post-traumatic brain injury that results in temporary interference with neurological function. Prior to the pandemic studies have […]

Ketogenic Diet for Brain Tumors – Read Article by Dr. Maroon

June 2021 –  In the May 31, 2021 Frontiers in Nutrition Journal, an article co-authored by Dr. Joseph Maroon presents a case report on the benefits of a ketogenic diet for a malignant brain tumor.  For the last 10 years neurosurgeon Dr. Maroon has collaborated with Thomas Seyfried, PhD at Boston College, and others on […]

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Physician Heal Thyself – Interview with Dr. Maroon

June 2021  In this months Newsmax Health online blog Dr. Joseph Maroon is interviewed in an article entitled, Lessons From Doctors Who Healed Themselves. In the article, author Lynn Allison highlights the health journeys of 5 physicians who have overcome serious health and mental health adversities.  Dr. Maroon relates his midlife trauma that eventually caused […]