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Dr. Joseph Maroon

Neurosurgeon | Expert | Athlete Dr. Maroon is a world-renowned neurosurgeon with extensive experience in neurosurgery. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery to speed recovery for his patients. He is a sports medicine expert and innovator in concussion management, personal fitness and nutrition. As an Ironman triathlete, he lives and breathes his own advice. Welcome to his website!

Latest Updates

  • maroon-fish-oil-book-cover

    Omega-3 Fish Oil Good for Joint and Heart Function

    In 2005, Dr. Joseph Maroon and Jeff Bost PAC published the first article ever on the use of omega-3 fish oil for patients with non-surgical spine pain.  The article, published in Surgical Neurology, entitled,  ω-3 Fatty acids (fish oil) as an anti-inflammatory: an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for discogenic pain, discussed the results on a […]

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  • Maroon Ironman Practice

    Dr Joseph Maroon Interviewed for Anti-Aging Strategies

    September 2018.  Nationally circulated and web-based newsletter, Healthy Living, recently asked a number of experts in anti-aging to comment on their best tips for better aging.  Dr Maroon was quoted: A positive, grateful attitude — along with diet and exercise — permeates everything we do, reducing stress and contributing not only to longevity but also […]

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  • MyndVR Image

    Virtual Reality Offers New Brain Health Benefits to Seniors

    Friday September 28, 2018.   St Barnabas Health System has recently joined with the Houston company, MyndVR, to offer virtual reality (VR) as a new tool to help improve brain health in the senior population.  At the roll out last week, Dr Maroon, who is St Barnabas’s brain health consultant, engaged with media representatives to discuss VRs potential […]

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