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Dr. Joseph Maroon

Neurosurgeon | Expert | Athlete Dr. Maroon is a world-renowned neurosurgeon with extensive experience in neurosurgery. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery to speed recovery for his patients. He is a sports medicine expert and innovator in concussion management, personal fitness and nutrition. As an Ironman triathlete, he lives and breathes his own advice. Welcome to his website!

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  • New Square One Book Cover 2019

    Why Radical Shifts in Diets and Workout Routines Often Fail To Change Lifestyles

    As I wrote in my book, Square One, part of my journey toward achieving balance on all sides of my personal “square”—physical, spiritual, work and relationships—was to rediscover what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle. Like so many of us, I first thought about that concept in reductive, unproductive terms like “losing weight” and […]

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  • Consumer Reports

    Can CBD Improve Sleep See Consumer Reports Article

    The medical community now recognizes the importance of getting adequate sleep. Those who get an adequate nights rest get sick less often, tend to more easily maintain a healthy weight and have a lower risk of serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease.  Sleep is a time of cellular repair, production of depleted hormones and neurotransmitters and […]

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  • Gut Pain

    Butyric Acid for Better Gut Health

    Butyric acid or BA, may sound like an exotic chemical made in a test tube from a science experiment.  But it’s origin is actually much simpler and more natural.   Butyric acid is a molecule made in our large intestines (gut) by billions of bacteria that reside there. The bacteria that live in our gut are critical […]

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