Lecture video by Dr Joseph Maroon discusses Concussion and CTE

Over the last 15 years football has been the focus of intense media scrutiny regarding concussion. Initially this was due to increasing numbers of high profile football players suffering from on-field concussions that caused them to miss games. But in 2005, with the discovery of CTE in a professional football player, the immediate concerns of football related concussion shifted from when the player should return to play to if the player should return at all. Or more succinctly: should the game of football and other contact sports be banned due the risk of head injury.

In this lecture neurosurgeon and concussion expert, Dr Joseph Maroon, presents an overview of concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). During this presentation, he presents his recent finding from a worldwide literature search on the incident and possible risk factors of CTE from 1954 to Aug 2013. He discusses the current shortcomings of CTE research and the public’s fear of concussion based on a recent Harris poll.

This video will provide new insight on the possible mechanisms of head trauma and current state of the CTE in football. These are Dr Maroon’s opinions and not those of any organization he is affiliated with. This includes, but not limited to the NFL and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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