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Dr Joseph Maroon’s CNBC Interview on Daily Practices to Increase Healthspan

Jan 26, 2023 Dr. Joseph Maroon, Neurosurgeon, triathlete and wellness expert was recently interviewed by CNBC News as part of a series on healthy living.  The title of the interview is, 6 Daily Practices this 82 y/o Triathlete and Neurosurgeon used to Lengthen his Healthspan.  Here is a excerpt from the interview: “I tell people […]


Dr. Joseph Maroon’s KDKA TV Interview about Zombies Appearing in HBO Show

Jan 20, 2023  UPMC Neurosurgeon, Dr. Joseph Maroon, was recently interviewed by KDKA TV Morning Show host John Shumway about the new HBO Show The Last of Us. In the interview Dr. Maroon is asked whether the fungus infection, that creates the zombies in the show, could happen in real life. “There’s no way at […]

PG Article on Dr. Joseph Maroon and the Anti-Aging Consortium

On Jan 04, 2023, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette write Anya Sostek wrote about Dr. Joseph Maroon’s recently formed anti-aging research consortium located at the AVIV Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Central Florida. In a prior posted below, Dr. Maroon and the esteem members of the New Global Aging Consortium discuss why the consortium was formed and their plans […]


Health Tips for the New Year

DEC 31, 2022  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette re-released articles of 2022 that provided healthy tips.  Included was the article about Dr. Joseph Maroon on his experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, and the physical and mental improvements he experienced.  Below is the original article from June 12, 2022 and the new new article that includes […]

Cornell Spine Meeting Dec2022

Dr. Joseph Maroon Lectures at Major Neurosurgical Spine Surgery Conference in NY

Dec 2022 – Dr. Joseph Maroon was the Honored Guest Lecturer at the 16th Annual New York City Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Course for international participants.  The course focused on the latest technology in endoscopy, robotics, 3-D navigation and augmented reality.  Dr. Maroon presented two keynote lectures: Notable Cases in Sports and Spine over Four Decades in […]

Aviv Founders Nov 2022

Dr. Joseph Maroon Named Founding Member of New Global Aging Consortium

Nov/Dec 2022 –  Aviv Clinics, one of the most advanced brain research and medical clinics in the world, has named Dr. Joseph Maroon, along with Drs. Michael Roizen, Nir Barzilai, and Eric Verdin as founding members of a new Global Aging Consortium.  The Consortium aims to bringing together world’s leading researchers on aging to forge […]

Dr. Joseph Maroon Speaks about Longevity at the Largest International Wellness Conference

On December 10, 2022, Dr. Joseph Maroon presented his work entitled, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – A Renaissance? at the 30th Annual World Congress of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M). He discussed the applications of hyperbaric oxygen for neurodegeneration,  post-concussion syndrome, PTSD, stroke, post COVID cognitive impairment and enhancing peak athletic performance. At […]


Are You a Superager? Listen to Dr Maroon Explain in New Podcast

What is a Superager? A superager, or super-ager, is thought by many to be person who is at least 80 and retains the memory skills and capacity of someone much younger. This population falls well outside the “normal” memory skill range for people their age. In Dr. Maroon’s recent Podcast interview by AGEIST, Dr. Maroon […]

Nationals Logo

Dr. Joseph Maroon Invited to National Triathlon in Milwaukee

November 2022Following several impressive triathlon race times in Florida in 2021 and more recently in August 2022, Dr. Joseph Maroon was invited to participate in the  USA Triathlon Nationals in August 2023.  The USA Triathlon Nationals is a new multiple-day triathlon event starting in 2023 and will be the largest annual amateur triathlon event in the […]