Dr Joseph Maroon’s Anti-Aging Tips

KJH MAROON 2.jpgEven my closest friends are often surprised when then ask me my age.  Despite my youthful appearance I can tell you the birth date posted on my driver’s license is correct.  Although youthful appearance is not the only goal of adopting an anti-aging lifestyle it is a great side benefit.  Our skin, without makeup or other cosmetic enhancers, provides a fairly accurate window into our overall health and aging status.

One of the major reasons the skin is so informative about our overall health is skin aging like the rest of our body is characterized by the effects of inflammation. Aging and inflammation go hand and hand.  Aging in part is the accumulative effects of low level inflammation that we our exposed to throughout our lifetime.  There are numerous blood markers, such as cytokines, TNF-alpha, NFK-beta and interleukin-2, which can be tested to quantify your body’s inflammatory status. These are important markers used also to keep tract of diseases of aging as well.  This is not a coincidence.

Our skin uniquely is exposed to damaging effects of radiation and dehydration from the sun, but along with the rest of our organs suffers from the effects of environment toxins, unhealthy dietary fats, free radicals and other inflammatory molecules that we consume, effects of the limit physical activity and excessive mental stress so common in our hectic society.

What are the some of the best ways to preserve health and youth as we age?  What are the central causes of aging and what can we start doing today to counter or even reverse them?  My whole adult life has not been focused on trying to look younger but to preserve the youthful health I had and for the most part still enjoyed.

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