Dr. Maroon’s Concussion Article Appearing In Health Radar Newsletter

May 2021 – Dr. Joseph Maroon is a a neurosurgeon and concussion expert who recently was asked by Health Radar Newsletter, a publication of NewsMaxHealth.com, to discuss the latest information on concussion.  The article, entitled, What Happens When You Suffer a Concussion?, relates concussion basics along with the importance of customizing the treatment to the type of post-concussion symptoms a person might be experiencing.  He explains this in this brief quote from the article.

Treatment is dependent on the type of concussion and matching the care to the specific profile. Sometimes drugs are prescribed for depression or anxiety. Alternative approaches may include the use of natural anti-inflammatories like fish oil, vitamin D3, magnesium, resveratrol, cannabidiol (CBD), and turmeric. If the patient does not respond, and symptoms are problematic, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be considered. When we assess a concussed patient, we include a psychosocial history, a study of the injury dynamics and mechanism, the symptoms and presentation, and then a thorough neurological evaluation including cognitive, balance, and ocular function.

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