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Solving the Pain Problem – What Can be Done?

By Joseph Maroon, MD Chronic pain is a common problem but especially in seniors.  Greater than 60% of community-dwelling older adults and up to 85% of those in assisted nursing facilities suffer from chronic pain. Most pain complains with aging are joint and arthritis related.  Untreated or poorly treated pain can lead to depression, social withdrawal, […]


Infant Asthma Benefits from Fish Oil During Pregnancy

Fish Oil Study Confirms Positive Health Benefits for Children by Reduction in Asthma Risk By Joseph Maroon, MD For decades, the use of dietary supplements has been physician-recommended to pregnant women as a way to supplement the nutritional demands of their growing child.  Omega-3 fish oil has been a vital part of these supplements due […]


Omega-3 Fish Oil for Better Health see Video Webinar

Webinar Video – In this three part webinar Dr Joseph Maroon discusses the history, mechanisms and benefits of Omega-3 EPA and DHA separately and together. This webinar was recently presented to chiropractors who are on the cutting edge when using alternative and natural therapies for their patients. Dr Maroon discusses recent research on EPA and DHA, the […]