Read Dr Maroon’s Brain Health Article in Pittsburgh 55+ Magazine

The Winter 2017 issue of Pittsburgh Fifty-Five Plus Magazine Dr Joseph Maroon discusses the importance of maintaining brain health for a lifetime.  In the article Dr Maroon notes several overlooked causes of poor brain function that can be easily corrected with simple lifestyle changes.

Maintaining Brain Health Dr Maroon 55 plus Winter 2017 Small

Lack of Sleep-

  can result in most serious problems like car crashes but more commonly it impairs our ability to concentrate and assimilate new information.  The stress of lack of sleep the brain requires more glucose and we will often crave sweet tasting sugary foods resulting in weight gain.

Brain Cell Killing Stress

can release a hormone that may cause significant vascular, brain and heart damage. Chronic stress will also release inflammatory chemicals that can directly impair our ability to remember new information.

In the article Dr Maroon presents ways that you can overcome these and other brain cell killers to help keep your brain healthy for a lifetime.

Read the entire article HERE on page 30


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