Holiday Special Pricing on Dr Maroon’s Square One Book

Square One Book Cover smallDr Joseph Maroon’s latest book, Square One: A Simple Guide to a Balanced Life, continues to get overwhelmingly positive reviews. (See Below).  Now that the giving season is in full gear, Dr Maroon would like to give all those waiting to purchase the Square One Book for themselves or others a gift as well.

Starting now until the end of December, there is a “Holiday” special. 

Right now there is 34% off per book on orders with 3 or more books.  When ordering  just place the promo code  “HOLIDAY”. to receive the discount. Order your own copy today at:

Quotes from readers of Square One
Your story is both surprising and amazing.  Words of wisdom like your serve to challenge the “I can’t seem to’s” and the “if only’s” in our lives as there really are no excuses.  Thanks for the inspiration to change my square and my life!  Breah Ostendorf, health care executive

You are so right about needing to find balance in one’s life.  We can all do better at that and your book outlines a sensible and achievable path.  Jeff Pash, NFL executive

The courage that you demonstrated in overcoming severe depression and your amazing candor in describing that segment of your life are truly commendable and inspirational for so many afflicted by adversity and depression.  I certainly intend to refer your book at every appropriate opportunity.  Cyril Wecht, lawyer and physician

A heart felt thank you for Square One—it is truly a gift of yourself.  We are really present in the gifts we offer and share with others. If accepted, we create a totally new thing—the miracle of the bond of friendship and love.  I think you are going to have a lot of new best friends—those who receive your words and realize that they are the gift of yourself to them.  Arch Abbott Douglas Nowicki, St. Vincent’s

What a great read!  Thank you for your inspiring beautiful book.  When I have any confusion in my life, I know I will find the answer in your special book—Square One.  I will always keep it with me for courage and faith.  Special thanks.  Housewife, Joan Maroon

I appreciate your sharing your incredible insights on how to live a more balanced life—certainly a challenge we all face and struggle with from time to time.  Robert Spetzler, neurosurgeon

I want to thank you for your wonderful book—Square One.  I am touched by your generosity for sharing your life story with your readers providing examples and guidance.  Also thank you for the many helpful suggestions for a healthier lifestyle which will make us stronger in body and soul.  Walter and Edith, patient

After reading your book I thought of General George S. Patton who spent weeks studying the writing of his German adversary, Field Marshall Irwin Rommel. Before crushing Rommel in an epic tank battle in Tunisia, Patton, sensing victory as he peered onto the battlefield from his command post, purported shouted, “Rommel, you magnificent bastard.  I read your book!”  Joe, you valued friend, I read your book and enjoyed every page!  I have drawn my square a few times and I can tell you it is frequently a flat line but that will change thanks to you.  Neil Dimick, advisor to multinational companies